Programmes At Hope


Udaan focuses on bestowing necessary skills other than education, and those are life skills. Mahatma Gandhi inferred the importance of life skills a long time ago; we work on the same Gandhian ideology of furnishing all those skills into children that nourishes their mind and personality. Life skills also motivate these children to embrace the holistic and aesthetic aspect of life which is an alien phenomenon for most of us.

Why It Is Needed

Education is indeed a colossal aspect of every person’s life, however, education is incomplete without skills. For them, passion lies above education. It is important for us to identify their passion, hidden talent, and polish it until it takes the shape of a perfect diamond.

How We Do It

In Udaan, we direct our efforts on skill development. We help children spot the skill or talent that lies within them and guide them in honing it further until they become the masters of their skill. The problem with these children is that they do not know that they are brilliant dancers or singers or painters, and as a result they do not apply efforts to nourish the specific skill their good at. This is where we come into the picture. We coordinate numerous camps for karate, singing, dancing, painting, arts where we train children in every different potential skill set that they possess. We also organise stage shows, plays and science fairs where they can showcase their talent.

But, in all this process, we do not ignore their scholastic education. Skill development and education must walk parallel to each other.

Our impact/results

Udaan has given children uncountable options to explore themselves. Many have chosen singing, dancing and painting as a career when they realised how flawless they were at it. They look forward to our camps as it brings opportunities on their doorsteps.