Programmes At Hope


No society across the globe can be christened as an ideal or utopian society as long as it discriminates its people on the basis of wealth, as long as it labels its people as rich and poor. We believe that a society is the pillar for any development and we will to strengthen this pillar. We go by the motto ‘To the people- for the people- by the people’. We plan frequent activities and camps for spreading awareness.

Why It Is Needed

There are certain issues in our society that are neglected highly. Everyone advocates on eradicating social issues and evils but does not make ample efforts to root them out from our society. Consequently, the vicious circle continues leading to societal and communal disasters, one after the other. We as a society must work together. If we lay idle, we are indirectly participating in those social evils.

How We Do It

Ray of hope aims at addressing and solving issues like gender inequality, sexual abuse, sexism and poverty to name a few. In ray of hope, we have launched 3 main sub-programmes. These are:


The social issues still contaminate our nation! There is more to work on, more to improve, more to be wiped out from our stagnant society. We device a way in which we can provide a platform to discuss the issues, to crack the barricade we are living with, to take a step ahead to change and obtain a better tomorrow.We have theme based food walks wherein each time we target different social issues and their disposal from our system.

Cleanliness campaign:

An unclean surrounding is a fat problem faced by our nation. As an aid to Mr. Modi’s ‘swaccha bharat mission’, HOPE conducts cleanliness campaigns across various cities, making our environment more breathable.


Under this campaign, we go from school to school, educating children about bullying, sanitation and cleanliness, sexual abuse and how they can take legal action against their abusers and get rid of this trauma, etc.

Apart from these, several nukkad plays, mimes, storytelling sessions and numerous camps form a major part of Ray of hope.

Out impact/results

As a result of our campaigns, many areas across cities which were known as ‘dumping grounds’ now stand clean. In remote areas, parents have started sending their daughters to schools for education.