Programmes At Hope


Why It Is Needed

In our country, thousands of children are forced to drop out of their schools and made to work on the fields and as labourers every year, due to poverty and financial crisis. Some of them dream of becoming life-size, but their dreams are crushed by the harsh reality. Some of these children actually have immense potential within them, but they never get the opportunity to develop their potential into a skill.

How We Do It

Our programme, Disha is designed for children above 16 years of age. Disha is a career oriented programme that enables these children to study and earn a bright future for them. We provide various, free of cost, short term, vocational and skill development courses to them so that even though they could not complete their education, they would still be able to fetch respectable jobs for themselves and lead a comfortable life with their families.

In Disha, our focus is entirely on the financial facet of life. We give vigorous training to the children on technical and practical grounds, like hardware, software, programming languages, communication skills and personality development and so on. We develop comprehensive, short-term, academic programmes covering both the basic and advanced knowledge of whatever field of study the student chooses, and match the programmes with competent infrastructure.

When these children have thorough technical knowledge, they can find work for themselves and finance their livelihood easily as technical skills have a huge demand in the market. They don’t have to work as labourers or vendors anymore. They can have superior jobs and thus the quality of their life enhances.